Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nailtopia purchase - Nail Art Stickers

A few weeks ago I bought some nail stickers from Nailtopia which is a great site for nail art decor. I went a bit mad and bought a variety of stickers which will last me a long time! They are so easy to use - simply peel off and apply to dry nails with tweezers. Adding a top coat allows them to last longer, plus it's simple to remove - just use regular nail polish remover and they come right off.

These are just for the comedy factor and because I love puppies haha! It comes with bows too which is an extra plus.

Price - £3.33
Product link -

The birds on these ones encouraged me to purchase them plus flowers are always a simple and elegant touch for nail art. 

Price - £1.49

These beautiful roses will look elegant on anyone's nail and will go perfectly with a light pink shade.

Price - £2.99

Check out my post using these fab rose stickers here!

Bows are great for any mani and will always make your nails pretty. Plus the strips of lace are lovely! 

Price - £2.99

Check them out on my Get Juiced mani.

These stickers are the prettiest I've seen and will look great with any shade. Super sophisticated and elegant. They could be made a bit better as the little diamantes etc can easily be knocked off so I found I had to glue them on more securely before placing onto the nail.

Price - £3.31
Product link -

If you want to try any of these all the links are provided and I hope you like them as much as i do :) Once I've tried them all out I will be sure to update this to give you the post links - thanks for reading!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Barry M Dragon Fruit with Born Pretty Store Holographic Glequins

On my polish wish list was the perfect bubblegum pink which for some reason I don't have even though I've got a wide collection of pinks. Introducing Barry M's Dragon Fruit - a bright, barbie pink that screams 'girl' - and to make it even more girly I added some beautiful holographic glequins on my ring fingers. Recently I did a post on my beauty blog about my bornprettystore purchase which includes these glequins - you can view that here

I also added a cute bow nail sticker which I got from Nailtopia and I'll be doing a review of my purchase soon. They are so easy to apply - simply peel off with tweezers and place onto dry nails. Add a top coat for extra protection. 

After two layers of top coat, the glequins were completely smooth to touch and no rough edges sticking up & catching onto things - which is probably one of my worst pet hates! Bearing in mind these photos were taken after a couple of days, this mani lasted well over a week until I got bored of it. 

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Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ciate Caviar Mani - Cookies 'n Cream & Shooting Stars

This months Marie Claire magazine comes with a cute Ciate mini set which include their famous caviar pearls. I love Marie Claire anyway plus this freebie was too good to miss. There's loads of amazing mag freebies this month and if your'e curious check out my post I did earlier this month here.

The Ciate kit comes with a lovely nude - an easy shade to wear everyday and very elegant. It also has a pot of caviar pearls called Shooting Stars which I couldn't find anyway so I think these might be just in this mini version. Full of tiny beads of various colours, this is an interesting touch to your manicure especially if you like a bit of texture going on. 

Below is a photo before I added a top coat - the above photos have a thick coat as I worried they would all fall off by tomorrow. Now the top coat is in place, it feels extremely sturdy and although a few pinged off, I think most of them will stay in place now. Without the top coat you can see the full effect of the caviar, so when I try this next time I won't bother with it and see how well they last without the extra protection. 

Unfortunately I broke my index nail which is why it's looking rather stubby but I think the overall effect of this kit was brilliant and an interesting way to mix up yo' mani. The full sized kits are a whopping £18.00 so if you want to try this for the price of a magazine (£3.80) then get out there now and get it! 

Do you think the caviar look is pretty or do you hate the textured look? Thanks for reading!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Get Juiced Review

 Today I have on Sally Hansen's 546 Get Juiced, a bright, juicy coral pink. It's a lovely splash of colour and it just looks so pretty on the nails. I bought it the other day from Boots (who have a great selection in the large stores by the way) and couldn't resist buying this shade. The formula wasn't as nice as I'd hoped, but it was still good, just a little thick.
This is two coats which made them almost opaque, I was thinking about another layer but decided against it. The colour is much brighter in real life, the photos aren't colour accurate.  It's almost approaching neon pink. The formula dries very quickly. I also added two bow nail stickers on each ring finger, plus a strip of white lace on the tips of my thumbnails. You can get these from; I bought a variety of nail stickers from here the other day and they are all great! Post coming soon.

*UPDATE* - Since wearing this shade for a couple of days I've noticed it actually goes orange in the sunlight. It depends what kind of lighting but I was very surprised to look down at my nails and see them a different shade! 

What do you think of my latest mani? I'm loving the pop of colour after my dark nails yesterday!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nails Inc Dover Street Market & Lowndes Square Review

Today I'm showing you Nails Inc Dover Street Market with Nails Inc's Lowndes Square dotted on the sides of each nail. Dover Street Market is a rich deep purple which is a little lighter than these photos (top photo most colour accurate). It's quite sophisticated and is very long lasting like most other Nails Inc polishes. I decided to pair it with Lowndes Square as I feel these are a great combination and I have used them together before so I knew it was a perfect match. For the dots I used a dotting tool; as you may have notice the top ones didn't stamp out at nicely as I'd have hoped but I actually don't mind the double dot effect. I do need to buy a better dotting tool as this one can be a bit inconsistent and messy. The formula was good; I have had them both for a little while now so they were a bit on the thick side. This definitely isn't my favourite mani but I enjoyed wearing it for a day or so! Now I want something bright and cheery on my nails! May I also mention that you should all visit Dover Street Market. It is amazing, there Comme de Garcons selection is pretty sweet.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Peach & Polka Dot - Barry M's Peach Melba & Poundshop Nail Wraps!

Here I used Barry M's Peach Melba; a light peach creme. The brush is quite thin making it hard to cover the nail quickly and smoothly, especially on long nails. The formula was a bit on the thick side too so I added some Seche Thinner, making it a bit better. I love the colour!

On my ring fingers I've use some nail wraps I found in Poundland. As you can see it is very bumpy and parts are peeling off which I can't even tell you how much that makes me cringe - catching on clothing *shudders*, but please bear in mind that this is photo a couple of days after I painted this mani. I would also like to point out that I did these nails in a major rush, before I went out, therefore my application was fairly clumsy. 

I added three clear rhinestones from www.bornprettystore.comvertically down on the dots. Unfortunately, one came off that night, and the wraps weren't identical meaning on one finger the rhinestones were perfectly vertical, the other was a bit wonky.

Lastly, a coat of my beloved Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to make them dry instantly before heading out.

Overall these £1.00 nail wraps weren't the best but they do look great if applied properly and with more care. I've found having a quick look at the nail product in the pound shop is sometimes worth it, I've got some great rhinestones from there before and for so cheap!They do only last one day maybe two, after that they will look a mess. The sizes of each wrap weren't considered properly when producing, as some widths don't match up with the others, but that could just be my nails I suppose. I bought a few varieties of these which are still sitting in my drawer, I probably will experiment more with them but when I've got more time and patience on my hands, not to mention steadiness! 

Thanks for reading!

Layla Misty Blush Holographic Nail Polish Review

Today I'm showing you one of Layla's holographic nail polish's - Misty Blush. 

Isn't that a dream?  

I struggled to take good photos of this polish, flash or not. Above is with flash and you can really see the holographic particles in an array of beautiful, changing colours. There's green, copper, yellow, blue and purple all dazzling away in there, plus more. In direct sunlight this shade truly lives up to its claims. However, like most holos, in the dreary light of my room it looks fairly a dull, darker purple but not unlikeable. In very artificial light it looks amazing too.

Apologies for the weird photos but these were the best I could get without them blurring.

Here it is in a weak indoor light, still looking fairly holographic but definitely not as intense. 

The one fault of this polish is you can not use a base coat with it. It may work with a fancy base that I don't have but any other one it pulls and streaks and leaves large bald spots.
This is three coats and even then I could still see bare patches when in front of light. It is pretty difficult to work with, with a base coat. I've been using Orly's Nailtrition as a base and these two do not like each other one bit. However, the formula once dried it is beautiful, it feels very thin on the nails and smooth to the touch. It is quite resilient and lasts for a few days. Another point I should add is a top coat dulls it extremely, which I found out the hard way. It was so upsetting being dazzled by the beauty of it only to be let down once I applied a top coat. Although it does dry really quickly and thin, a top coat is always a must for me to make the mani last as long as it can and be super glossy!

Thanks for reading!

Pink and sparkly gradient - China Glaze and Nails Inc

This is my mani at the moment - the base colour is Totes Pink by Nail Inc for InStyle which I got free in May's InStyle magazine. There were a couple of choices of shades but I chose this girly pale pink colour. Below are photos of this polish on it's own - as you can see it is very pale and a little streaky but not noticeable on the end result. 
Then I sponged on Maybelline's Forever Strong PRO (I think it might be called 285 Pink Shimmer but no promise's on that one, it doesn't have the name on the bottle!) with a make up sponge. I use cheap sponges from E.L.F Cosmetics for £1.50, they do a really good job for nail gradients. 
Next I added one layer of China Glaze's Fairy Dust which I really love, it's like tiny holographic sparkles with a clear base, so you can add it onto any shade to make it pop! 
Finally, a nice coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat which is purely amazing. Dries instantly!
I'm loving this mani - it's very girly and looks elegant on my nails; although a little pale on my extremely pale skin!